A note to employers and prospective clients:

Software is a craft very near to me. Each project I work with is an opportunity to gain perspective and expertise. Similar to a musician or athlete, an excellent developer is never done learning, training, improving. Correctness and maximizing simplicity are some of my most important values that I place into the code I write. By improving on these and other values at every opportunity, along with knowledge of the latest advanced tooling, seemingly complex problems can be more readily solved, and new possibilities are achievable as a result.

By choosing me to create your software you will know these values are placed within your product. I don't believe in perfection in any sufficiently complex project. But, there will always be an opportunity to improve the performance, the user experience, or something else. That's perfectly satisfying to me. To you, it means your software will be of the highest possible quality.

October 2018 update:

This portfolio is a work in progress. More projects will be displayed shortly.

BuiltSpectrum Dashboard

A front-end prototype implemented from storyboards in HTML, CSS, and d3.js Javascript charting library to visualize energy footprint data for residential and commercial buildings.
https://gyazo.com/8c064b61bcdbd8f693fa631377bbc434 BuiltSpectrum Dashboard

Software competitions

I create solutions to a variety of real world problems. These competitions provide updates, bug fixes, or new features to commercial software packages. I have been involved in over 30 competitions since I started September 2015. The following is a list of competitions where I have placed first.

  • Apr 2016 Cloud Hub - Job Scheduler API
  • Apr 2016 Cloud Hub - Register Endpoint
  • Mar 2016 Cloud Hub - Admin Updates
  • Mar 2016 Styx Dashboard Localization
  • Feb 2016 .NET Device Monitoring
  • Dec 2015 Data Logical Model
  • Nov 2015 BuiltSpectrum Dashboard